Changes to guided walk November 17th 2018

AMENDED : Saturday 17th NOVEMBER 2018 – PLP walk : DENBY DALE circular

Due to RMT strike action on NORTHERN this Saturday, a much reduced train service will be in operation.

However, the PLP walk will go ahead with amended departure times as follows:


Depart: Huddersfield 09.10, calling all stations, to arrive DENBY DALE 09.33.


Depart: Sheffield 08.46, calling Meadowhall 08.53, to BARNSLEY 09.10.

Then change to depart : BARNSLEY 10.01, calling all stations, to DENBY DALE 10.24.

Start: 10.25am at DENBY DALE station.

An amended circular route via Upper Denby, Ingbirchworth, Gunthwaite Bridge, ‘The Broad Oaks’ and Lower Denby.

Distance: 7 – 8 miles.

Leader: Geoff Ryder.


Depart DENBY DALE 15.34, calling all stations, to Barnsley (15.57).

Change at BARNSLEY for the 16.11, to Meadowhall (16.28) and Sheffield (16.35) OR 16.44, calling all stations, to Sheffield (17.14).


Depart DENBY DALE 16.24, calling all stations, to Huddersfield (16.48).

For further details, please text Stuart on 07908 – 450444 or call 01522-534655.

For amended timetables see NORTHERN website on:

Changes to this Saturday’s Guided Walk

AMENDED : Saturday 3rd  NOVEMBER 2018 – PLP walk : BARNSLEY afternoon stroll


Due to RMT strike action on NORTHERN this Saturday, a much reduced train service will be in operation.

However, a PLP walk will go ahead but at a different location and with amended departure times as follows:

Depart: Huddersfield 11.10, calling all stations, to arrive BARNSLEY 11.57.


Depart: Sheffield 11.45 (Leeds train), calling Meadowhall 11.51, to arrive BARNSLEY 12.11.

Assemble near to the station ticket office, on Platform 1, for the start of the walk at 12.15.

Leader: John Harker .

Distance: an afternoon stroll, up to 5 miles. (joint with Sheffield CHA Group).

It will finish at BARNSLEY in time to catch the 15.01 (last train), calling all stations, to arrive  Huddersfield 15.48.


Depart BARNSLEY 15.11, Meadowhall 15.26 to arrive Sheffield 15.34.

(OR 16.11 to Meadowhall and Sheffield  OR 17.00, calling all stations, to Sheffield)

For further details, please text  Stuart on 07908 – 450444  or call  01522-534655.

For amended timetables see NORTHERN website on:

Catching the train to Penistone Show

For information regarding strike on Saturday and trains to Penistone for the Annual Penistone Agricultural Show

SHEFFIELD – One direct service to and from Sheffield during the morning, no afternoon service from Sheffield. Last train from Penistone is at 16:42
BARNSLEY – One train per hour to and from Barnsley during the morning, one train in the afternoon – last train from Penistone is at 16:42
HUDDERSFIELD – Hourly service to and Huddersfield during the morning , two trains in the afternoon – last train from Penistone is at 15:17
All customers are advised to check before travelling and, where necessary, may want to seek alternative modes of transport.

Our priority during a strike is to keep you informed and on the move. At any time you can keep up-to-date by following us on social media:



Or by going to for train running information.

Promise to Pay Notices

This week the ticket machines go live with the ‘promise to pay’ notices. This means that, you must purchase a ticket before you board from the ticket machine at the station. If you are unable to purchase one, you must print a ‘promise to pay’ notice from the machine. Attached are some instructions that a member of Penistone community has kindly put together to assist elderly members of the community.
If you have any queries please do ask for help. We are also happy to feedback to Northern with any comments.

Promise-to-Pay-Guide (1).pdf

Change to this weekend’s anniversary walk

Saturday 1st SEPTEMBER 2018

Due to the RMT strike action affecting Northern services, we have to change the 25th Anniversary walk times as follows :

Depart SHEFFIELD 10.02, Meadowhall 10.08, Chapeltown 10.14, Elsecar 10.20 to arrive WOMBWELL 10.23


Depart HUDDERSFIELD 09.10, calling all stations, to arrive Barnsley 09.57 then change to depart 10.44 to WOMBWELL 10.49

Walk will start from WOMBWELL station at 10.50am and finish at BARNSLEY.

Return trains depart BARNSLEY at 16.01 calling all stations to Huddersfield and 16.11 to Meadowhall and Sheffield

OR 16.44 calling all stations to Sheffield.

Walk route via Wombwell Woods, Worsborough reservoir, Stainborough Park to Barnsley.

Distance = approx. 8 miles

‘Park & Ride’ car parking for rail users at Meadowhall, Elsecar and Wombwell stations.

Details please text to Stuart on 07908 – 450444 .

Unfortunately more strikes on the way

RMT announce further strike action

The RMT trade union have called three further days of strike action:

· Saturday 15 September 2018

· Saturday 22 September 2018

· Saturday 29 September 2018

This is in addition to the strikes on:

Saturday 25 August, 1 September and 8 September

Promise to Pay Notices – how do I print one?

With the arrival of ticket machines on our platforms along the Penistone Line, passengers are encouraged to purchase their tickets before they travel. However, due to the majority of the stations being unstaffed, they are ‘card only’ machines. So, where, you might ask does that leave those passengers who prefer to pay by cash? Well, the machines have a handy little option on them that enables you to print out a ‘Promise to Pay’ notice – however you may struggle to find it on the machine, so we have produced some handy instructions for you. If you plan to pay cash for your ticket on board then you must have one of these notices.
If you do not have one of these you may be issued a Penalty Fare (of at least £20).
Please share this information with others.

how to print off promise to pay.docx

Huddersfield Station project shortlisted for National Community Rail Awards

We are thrilled to have been shortlisted for our Huddersfield Station Project, having already been awarded the Huddersfield Civic Society Community Award for the project it is double excitement!
The Huddersfield Station Project – ‘Together at Huddersfield Station’ is a true representation of what community rail is all about. We worked with a variety of different community groups, both promoting rail travel and also engaging the participants in helping to make improvements to Platform 2. The project has really brightened up Platform 2!
The awards are to be held in Glasgow on Thursday 4th October.

3A. CRA18 CAS PLP sl.pdf