Winner in category Community Art Schemes – Renewable & Smaller sponsored by Transport for Greater Manchester at Community Rail Awards 2019.

Dwell Time Issue 1 & 2 is a not-for-profit arts publication reflecting on mental wellbeing, produced and curated  by Alice Bradshaw, Lenny Szrama and Vanessa Haley in collaboration with Penistone Line Partnership.

Funded by  CrossCountry, Community Rail Network, Northern, Penistone Line Partnership. Thanks to the general public and artists who shared their personal contributions on mental health through art, poetry, writing and video. Through workshops and an international ‘Open-Call’.

View online contributions and information at


Smith Davies Media, funded by CrossCountry produced a video to illustrate the award-winning project. Watch the inspiring story here.

Water flowing and free, duck swimming leisurely.  A plane passes overhead, holidaymakers over the bridge, artist drawing balanced on a ridge. Calm is the wind, few clouds in the sky, birds are singing, life just passes by.

Peaceful is the atmosphere, just stand and think.

Is that there squirrel giving me a wink?!


Peaceful at the River

The Train Lady

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