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Looking forward we are working on making the Penistone Line a Dementia friendly service, and we want to encourage everyone to use and enjoy the train through collaboration and partnership to reflect the community’s needs.



We can offer taster days out with our rail confidence programme for community groups, so that everyone gets a chance to feel good about rail travel and enjoy a great day out.


Schools are back after the holidays and we are booking in rail safety sessions as part of the PSHE Curriculum.







Let's collaborate.....

We are working to improve information at stations for your onward journey. Inform travellers of cycling and walking routes from the station, which encourage sustainable and healthy journeys. We aim to highlight local heritage, business information and places of interest to visit near the stations. We look forward to working with new organisations, promoting and enhancing tourism and leisure travel by train.



Get in touch.....

Help us connect our communities together to support diversity and inclusion, well-being and social progress. Discuss the issues and development opportunities that matter. Contact Rowena at or to push some boundaries! 


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