Get Twiddling!

We need your help to knit or crochet twiddle muff fidget toys, which are especially calming for people living with dementia.Twiddle muffs provide great comfort helping relieve anxiety and keep restless hands busy!

We postponed our project launch, a Knit & Natter Train Event due to Covid-19 restrictions. We had planned to involve people in the community who wanted to participate from home who were not able to travel by train, but could still be involved with this initiative. However now that most of us are in lockdown at home, we are asking anyone who can knit or crochet to help us.

Penistone Line Partnership will donate a completed twiddle muff to people with early-onset dementia who attend our Rail Confidence & Travel Training program (with their carer) along with a support and information pack to help them live well and access rail travel in the future. 

We will send a pattern, wool and embellishment pack to you on request, or you can design your own! 

If you can supply your own wool and bits and bobs to attach to the muff that is great! A simple pattern download if you need it, is HERE

If you would like a ‘make-it-at-home Twiddle Muff pack’ sending out to you, please email or ring/text Rowena on 07912753817

We will arrange drop off points so we can collect the muffs after lockdown is lifted. If you are not local to the Penistone Line please contact us about how to return your creations!

Thank you, happy crafting and stay safe.

Ro & Sarah x

Penistone Line is working towards making the line ‘hidden disability friendly’. This means being aware of the difficulties people may face when using rail travel. A person with a hidden-disability could live with autism, dementia, learning difficulties, mental health problems or hearing impairment to name but a few.

We have been working with local councils and support groups, train operators and stakeholders to tackle issues that can make rail travel harder for some people. Training is provided to front-line rail staff and improvements such as disability lanyard schemes are in operation. We want to work with our communities to ensure that rail travel is a sustainable and accessible option for everyone. It is important that we listen to anyone with ideas or issues they have accessing travel, just get in touch.

Rainbow of Unity

I saw this fantastic rainbow while out for a daily walk.

I was looking for an image of a rainbow for our Penistone Line ‘lockdown’ Newsletter and found the actual crochet pattern to make this little window rainbow. Please click to download the PDF instructions, from Kerry Jayne Designs find the rainbow and add to cart, no charge! Download & enjoy making this or a similar version.

Rainbow of Unity UK Pattern PDF LINK

Staying Safe

We are staying safe and working from home currently.


We have had to cancel lots of events and projects due to the lockdown. Some we can re-arrange at a later date. We are working behind the scenes to deliver new travel training resources for people with hidden disabilities, education online and competitions for children. Our quarterly edition of the Penistone Line Express will not be published as a printed magazine, but we will soon produce a digital newsletter to keep you up to date with what has (and now hasn’t) been happening. 

If you are a keyworker helping us all by continuing to work – THANK YOU SO MUCH!  We have published our Temporary Keyworker Timetable from Northern on social media but you can view it here

In the meantime, please keep yourself safe, keep your distance if you have to go out to shop, exercise or work, and wash your hands often.