Catching the train to Penistone Show

For information regarding strike on Saturday and trains to Penistone for the Annual Penistone Agricultural Show

SHEFFIELD – One direct service to and from Sheffield during the morning, no afternoon service from Sheffield. Last train from Penistone is at 16:42
BARNSLEY – One train per hour to and from Barnsley during the morning, one train in the afternoon – last train from Penistone is at 16:42
HUDDERSFIELD – Hourly service to and Huddersfield during the morning , two trains in the afternoon – last train from Penistone is at 15:17
All customers are advised to check before travelling and, where necessary, may want to seek alternative modes of transport.

Our priority during a strike is to keep you informed and on the move. At any time you can keep up-to-date by following us on social media:



Or by going to for train running information.

Promise to Pay Notices

This week the ticket machines go live with the ‘promise to pay’ notices. This means that, you must purchase a ticket before you board from the ticket machine at the station. If you are unable to purchase one, you must print a ‘promise to pay’ notice from the machine. Attached are some instructions that a member of Penistone community has kindly put together to assist elderly members of the community.
If you have any queries please do ask for help. We are also happy to feedback to Northern with any comments.

Promise-to-Pay-Guide (1).pdf