Penistone Line Partnership

Welcome to the Penistone Line, the award-winning community rail partnership which promotes rail travel between the textile town of Huddersfield and the city of steel, Sheffield, incorporating 17 stations along the 27- mile scenic route.

Enjoy viaducts, iconic landmarks and rolling Yorkshire countryside. Browse our website to find out about our guided walks from stations, outdoor activities near to the line, heritage, shopping, busy villages and the beautiful areas of interest a short walk from the Penistone Line.

It’s much more than a train ride!

Scenic Rail Britain aims to help tourists, day-trippers and families, travelling from near and far, to access the country’s hidden gems, while travelling sustainably and avoiding the stresses of driving. At Community Rail Network, we see the lovely sights that community railways have to offer every day. We want to share that with more people and promote these amazing railway lines, which form such an important part of our heritage.

Scenic Rail Britain