Onward Travel from Penistone Line stations.

We suggest that if you are planning onward bus travel from one of our unstaffed stations in West Yorkshire, you use our bus route table in conjunction with the South Kirklees Map which shows local bus route numbers near the Penistone Line (between Huddersfield and Denby Dale).

We are working with South Pennine Community Transport to improve end-to-end journeys. We want to help connect more remote communities to the rail network. See the bus services provided by South Pennine Community Transport here.

Between Penistone and Elsecar stations, use our bus route table and Barnsley Network Map Guide or Travel South Yorkshire.

From Chapeltown to Sheffield use our bus route table and North Sheffield Map or Travel South Yorkshire.

We have included Interchange information in the table for Huddersfield, Barnsley, Meadowhall and Sheffield.

Station Staffed Interchange? Bus Number Route Information
Huddersfield Yes See Huddersfield Station Onward Travel Map (includes rail replacement stop information)
Lockwood No 310
Berry Brow No 310
Honley No 911 Circular from Meltham via Honley Station, Farnley Tyas, Thurstonland Green, Brockholes, Honley, Meltham.
Honley No 308 Huddersfield to Holmfirth via Thongsbridge.
Honley No 314
Towards Holme
Towards Parkhead
Brockholes No 911 Circular from Meltham via Honley Station, Farnley Tyas, Thurstonland Green, Brockholes, Honley, Meltham.
Brockholes No 314 Holme
Brockholes No 316 Parkhead
Brockholes No H6 Circular from Holmfirth via Thongsbridge, Brockholes.
Stocksmoor No 341 To Huddersfield via, Stocksmoor Station, Thurstonland, Farnley Tyas, Almondbury, Huddersfield.
Shepley No 84, 84A Denby Dale to – Lower Cumberworth, Shepley Marsh Lane Library, Kirkburton, Lepton, Waterloo, Huddersfield.
Shepley No 83 Denby Dale to – Upper Denby, Shepley, Kirkburton, Lepton, Waterloo, Huddersfield
Denby Dale No D1 Denby Dale station, to Clayton West, Skelmanthorpe, Kirkburton, Highburton, Waterloo, Huddersfield
Denby Dale No D2,D3 As above &  Denby Dale station towards Cawthorne, Barugh Green. Operator Team Pennine
Denby Dale No 94 Barnsley Hospital, Barnsley Interchange
Holmfirth to Penistone service at Miller Lane Denby Dale (Thur & Sat only)
Denby Dale No 350 Holmfirth to Barnsley service at Miller Lane Denby Dale (Mon, Wed, Fri only)
Denby Dale No 353
Penistone No 20, 21, 21A Penistone to Barnsley, Hoylandswaine, Silkstone, Dodworth, Barnsley
Penistone No 23 Barnsley to Stocksbridge, Millhouse Green, Penistone, Oxspring,Thurgoland, Wortley, Deepcar, Stocksbridge.
Barnsley to Stocksbridge via Ingbirchworth, Penistone, Oxspring, Green Moor, Thurgoland, Crane Moor.
Penistone No 24, 24A Penistone – Millhouse Green Circular, via Penistone Market Place, Thurlstone, Millhouse Green, Penistone, Oxspring, Spring Vale, Penistone.
Penistone No 25 Penistone to Holmfirth via, Thurlstone, Millhouse Green, Dunford Bridge, Hade Edge, Holmfirth.
Penistone No 25A Penistone – Thurgoland Circular via Thurgoland Hall Lane, Wortley, Stocksbridge, Cubley, Penistone, Stocksbridge, Deepcar, Thurgoland.
Penistone No 26 Thurgoland to Holmfirth via Deepcar, Stocksbridge, Midhopestones, Langsett, Flouch, Crow Edge, Hade Edge, Holmfirth.
Penistone No 26A Sheffield to Holmfirth, via Chapeltown, High Green, Howbrook Lane, Wortley, Thurgoland, Penistone.
Penistone No 29 Penistone, Spring Vale, Oxspring, Thurgoland, Wortley, Howbrook, High Green, Ecclesfield, Shiregreen Sheffield Lane Top, Firth Park, Fir Vale, Pitsmoor, Burngreave, Sheffield Int.
Silkstone Common No 20, 21, 21A Barnsley to Penistone, as (above) from Silkstone opp High Street
Silkstone Common No 408 Barnsley to Penistone Grammar School
Silkstone Common No 416 Barugh Green to Penistone Grammar School
Dodworth No 20, 21, 21A Barnsley to Penistone, as above from Dodworth opp Mitchelson Ave.
Barnsley Yes See Travel South Yorkshire for Barnsley Interchange info
Also, see the Barnsley Network Map.
Wombwell No 67, 67A, 67B, 67C Barnsley – Wombwell various stops. (67)
Wombwell, Station Road, Hemingfield, Cortonwood Jump Platts Common, Hoyland, Hoyland Common, Tankersley, Birdwell, Worsbrough, Ward Green, Worsbrough, Barnsley Interchange.
Elsecar No 66 Barnsley – Elsecar Circular via Barnsley Interchange, Worsbrough, Birdwell, Hoyland, Elsecar, Hoyland, Birdwell, Worsbrough, Barnsley Int.
Chapeltown No 11, 11A Chapeltown – Herdings via Chapeltown Market Pl, Ecclesfield, Sheffield Centre, Lowfield, Hemsworth, Herdings.
11a limited stops
Chapeltown No 35A Chapeltown – Warren – Thorncliffe Ind Est Circular
Chapeltown No 72, 72A Chapeltown – Manvers via Lound Side, Burncross, Chapeltown, High Green, Tankersley, Hoyland Common, Elsecar, Hemingfield, Cortonwood, Brampton, West Melton, Wath Upon Dearne, Manvers.
Chapeltown No 135 Rotherham to Sheffield, (Chapeltown Lound Side, High Green, Grenoside, Fox Hill, Hillsborough, Upperthorpe, Sheffield.
Chapeltown No 86 Chapeltown – Sheffield – Lowedges
Via Chapeltown Mkt Pl, Burncross, Grenoside, Parson Cross, Fox Hill, Hillsborough, Owlerton, Sheffield, Netheredge, Beauchief, Lowedges.
Meadowhall Yes Tram, Coach and Bus Services from Meadowhall Interchange
Sheffield Yes Sheffield Station Onward Travel Map

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