Visit Beaumont Park. Their friends of the group describe it as ‘a magnificent park with ornate features, cascades, grottos, steep cliffs, and picturesque woodland walks for all the family’- and we agree! The park is a 20-minute walk from the station.

The 32 arch Lockwood Viaduct is visible for the park or from Swan Lane and spans the River Holme. If you are walking down from Lockwood station stop for a famous ice-cream treat at Dixons Milk Ices.

For accessibility and station information click here.

For mobility scooter access and guidance click here.

Our current Scooter-Friendly stations are Huddersfield, Lockwood, Penistone, Barnsley, Wombwell, Elsecar and Sheffield.

Please note: mobility scooters which fold down, can travel on any service without a permit.

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