Our train operators and their staff undergo extensive training to support passengers and recognize when assistance may be needed. Huddersfield Railway Station is run by Trans Pennine Express who offer the Sunflower Lanyard and Assistance Card to passengers with non-visible disabilities.

If you are wearing a Sunflower Lanyard, staff should recognise it and understand that you have a non-visible disability and that you may need a little extra help or need extra time when travelling.

You can pick up a Sunflower Lanyard and Assistance Card from the ticket office at Huddersfield Railway Station, even if you don’t require passenger assistance. You can keep the lanyard and use it again in the future.

Northern has teamed up with Hidden Disabilities to offer sunflower lanyards and priority seat cards. Read how Northern can assist people with hidden disabilities here.


We want everyone to have the opportunity to travel by rail and we understand that some people may have barriers to access travel or need help to find a way to catch the train that works for them. Penistone Line Partnership has engaged with community and social enterprise organisations, travel providers and councils. We have been researching how we can develop resources to assist people to access rail.

Penistone Line Partnership is committed to making the railway line dementia-friendly, with members having been trained to be dementia-friends. Our aim is to create regular dementia-friendly events on the train and near the Penistone Line. We would like to hear from support providers for people living with dementia who would benefit from bespoke days out on the Penistone Line.

We can develop days out by rail for both children and young adults who live with autism, through their support group. We also partner with mental health charities and support services whose members may benefit from rail days out and creative projects.

Please contact Rowena Chantler at info@penline.co.uk to discuss days out by rail for people living with hidden disabilities.

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If you feel unsafe, worried about another passenger, or wish to report an incident that is not an emergency, please text 61016.

For further information on how to report an incident visit British Transport Police.