Local train stations are at the heart of the community, and we’d like all our stations to be welcoming, clean and well maintained. Many of our stations are unstaffed and we’re not always able to visit each one as much as we would like.

Station adopters are volunteers who help with their local station. From keeping an eye out for any unusual activity and reporting any faults and issues, to maintaining the gardens and making sure the station is presentable, they make a huge difference to every single passenger. Along the Penistone Line station adopters can be supported by and apply for funding through Northern and Community Rail Network.

Why get involved in community rail and station adoption?

Station adoption adds value to communities, making their stations welcoming and attractive.

Encourages the use of the railway and promotes awareness of sustainable travel.

A welcoming station presence helps to reduce vandalism.

Station groups help create a sense of community inclusion, where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together to make a positive difference to their community and forge lasting friendships.

Volunteering is evidenced to benefit both individuals taking part and wider communities.

Creating partnerships with local schools, community groups, charities, and businesses to foster a sense of community spirit and promote access to and understanding of the railway across diverse groups.

Other benefits are often achieved through specific projects, such as:

Promoting awareness of environmental and sustainability issues. Improving station access such as walking and cycling paths or bringing disused station property back into community use.

Station adopters don’t carry out repairs to structural elements of buildings or station fixtures, to lighting, electrical fixtures, gas or water, or conduct any sort of work on the tracks or level crossing.

The work and scope will vary from station to station, and groups are fully supported. General tasks might include:

  • Gardening and landscaping

  • Painting to cover graffiti

  • Litter picking

  • Tourism services

  • Eco-friendly and wildlife projects

  • Train trips for disadvantaged groups

  • Art projects

  • Reporting faults or vandalism

  • Rail safety

  • School projects

  • Events

If you are an enthusiastic volunteer who is looking at a rewarding way to get involved with their local community and join the rewarding rail family, look at the resources Community Rail Network have provided, with excellent guidance on station adoption, and how to set up a group. Members of Community Rail Network can apply for funding to support station projects.

Station Adoption – A guide for the local community

Trains on the Penistone Line are operated by Northern Rail who are also available for support, guidance, and funding. If you would like to speak about station adoption with Northern email them at adopters@northernrailway.co.uk.

Northern – Station Adoption – A guide for volunteers

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