David Everson

David has been a regular user of the Penistone line since 1990 and in recent years has used it for commuting and social reasons at all times of day.

David is a rail professional and is currently the Principal Engineer for Electrical Power Distribution and Plant for the Eastern region of Network Rail since 2021. David says “Sadly there is little to do on the Penistone line these days, but there is plenty to cover between Southend Pier and the Scottish Border”.

Prior to this role, David was the Engineering Manager at Transport for Greater Manchester where he was involved with the day-to-day maintenance, operations and the amazing expansion of the Metrolink Network since 2007.

David has been a station adopter since the early inception of the scheme by Northern in the mid-2000s, covering stations on the Penistone and Glossop lines and has commuted by rail daily since joining Railtrack in 2000.

David understands the importance of the Penistone Line to the communities it serves and wants to play a part in the development and promotion of the line as the towns and villages expand and offer increasing customs.  An ultimate desire would be for a 1/2 hourly service!

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