Glyn Scothern

Sheffield born Glyn is now retired after 26 years as a Local Authority Catering Officer. He is a retired member of the HCIMA (Hotel & Catering International Management Association) also LACA (Local Authority Catering Association). Glyn has 9 years’ service as a VCS driver for Patient Transport Services with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Like his brother Linzey, Glyn is a director at Blackburn & Wincobank Conservative Club Ltd. He has been a member of Penistone Line Partnership since 2004 and a director for Penistone Line Partnership since 2006. Glyn regularly volunteers for community rail events, such as Music Trains, Christmas Specials and Community Rail in the City (Sheffield). Glyn loves classic cars and enjoys owning a 1969 MG Midget 1275, and he is a member of the MG Owner’s Club.

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