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The days are shortening but there’s time enough on this urban safari to hear about the family that has shaped Sheffield’s history for better or worse.


Meet at the Supertram stop at the rear of the station above Platform 8.


Start: 9.45am at SHEFFIELD station.


Distance:  8 miles

Leader: John Harker (07929-051978)

Depart: Huddersfield 0812, Shepley 0830, Penistone 0842, Dodworth 0851, Barnsley 0859, Wombwell 0905, Elsecar 0909, Chapeltown 0915, Meadowhall 0920 to arrive at SHEFFIELD

0928. Depart: Lincoln 0826, Saxilby 0835, Gainsborough LR 0847, Retford 0900, Worksop 0911, Kiveton Park 0921 (not at Woodhouse or Darnall) to arrive SHEFFIELD  0941.

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