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This walk is in support of National Community Rail Week 22- 28 May 2023.

Please also visit the PLP and Network rail stand displaying leisure information inside Meadowhall Interchange near the M&M’s vending machine! Between 10am and 6pm. Come say hello before or after your walk!

A Stroll amongst the Ancients!

A short walk (on a Tuesday) from the modern retail world through ancient Woolley Wood, Concord Park, and return along the Trans Pennine Trail. 

Meet on the ‘green hump’ next to Platform 3 at Meadowhall station. Hoping the bluebells will still be out!


Start: 10.30am MEADOWHALL station    Finish: MEADOWHALL Distance: up to 5 miles.

Kindly lead by: Stuart Parker (07908-450444)


Trains to the Event –

Depart: Huddersfield 0912, Barnsley 0958 to MEADOWHALL 1020

Depart: Lincoln 0826, Worksop 0910 to Sheffield 0942.

Depart: Sheffield 1015 to MEADOWHALL 1020.

Depart: Doncaster 0935, Swinton 0950, Rotherham Central 0958


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