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A pleasant ‘down n up’ and ‘up n down’ linear walk with extensive views along sections of the Penistone Line Trail station-to-station walk, following public footpaths and quiet lanes, starting from Stocksmoor station then via Thurstonland, Brockholes, Honley, Stirley, Berry Brow, River Holme, Beaumont Park to finish at Lockwood station.

(A possible visit to the ‘Shoulder of Mutton Inn’ real ale pub at Lockwood whilst waiting for return trains, see Sam the friendly landlord!)

For a shorter walk, opt out at any station along the route.

Note: some paths and roads may be slippery and muddy in places. Stepped access in several places also!

The new PL Trail leaflets can be downloaded from the PLP website link at: https://penline.co.uk/the-penistone-line-trail/ 

There are trail signs at stations along the Penistone Line with the QR code link.

Details – 

Start: 9.35 am at STOCKSMOOR station.   

Finish LOCKWOOD station.

(return trains depart Lockwood at xx.15 to Barnsley & Sheffield and at xx.46 to Huddersfield).

Distance:  7½ miles.

Leader: Stuart Parker (07908-450444)

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